It's also a question of class, and that can be ugly

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

There is a strong strain of class conflict in the present troubles. The middle classes are furious at the way they have been treated by the conservative establishment who have relied strongly on its working class constituency. During the protests there was open mockery for Ahmadinejad's 'village' mentality, one of the chants being that for two weeks he never went for a bath. This is unpleasant and reveals the deep divide between the educated middle class urbanites and the simpler people in the country's thousands of small towns and villages. If allowed to fester this could become uglier and history is stained with plenty of blood that goes back to class hatred.

At present the church is overwhelmingly urban, making them instinctively sympathetic with the attitude of their neighbours. There is an urgent need for the house church networks which have been so successful in the cities to spread among the conservatives in small towns and villages. The answer to class hatred is a church where all worship the Lord of Glory and serve each other as equals.

Please pray for

  • Christians to be sensitive
  • House churches to grow in the small towns and villages
  • Christians to be an example of groups that are truly class free