It's the economy, stupid

Thursday, March 08th, 2012

Reports about last week’s parliamentary elections say there was one topic everyone was talking about: the economy. And it was not the grand place of Iran in the world’s economy they were worried about, but the rising price of their groceries, the spread of unemployment, and the problem of housing, especially in the cities. Of these three it is inflation that is probably causing the most pain. At the moment it’s running at about 20%. Nobody’s wage is rising at the same rate, so people have to constantly cut the family budget. So great is the concern over the economy, that there is even talk that President Ahmadinejad will be called to a now less than friendly parliament to explain his policies. Ironically experts have in fact supported President Ahmadinejad’s cutting of the state subsidies and reckon that this and other moves will halve Iran’s inflation rate in the next few years. Such predictions are of no comfort to the average Iranian today who is struggling to make ends meet.

Christians share this struggle even more intensely as their job security is that much more vulnerable. As believers they can easily be fired. They have little come back as the judicial system is not sympathetic to people it calls ‘apostates’. For these Christians it is an important time to prove the truth of the Scripture that the Lord will provide for all our needs.

Pray for:

• Wisdom for those running the economy
• Those struggling to look to Jesus for help
• Christians to be a witness in these difficult economic times