The Jesus film, someone in Iran is probably watching it right now

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

A pleasure loving medical student goes out to a party, leaving his sister watching the ‘Jesus’ film that a random stranger gave him. His sister weeps as she sees Jesus on the cross and later becomes a Christian. She prays for her brother and eventually he agrees to go to church with her where he asks God to take away his addiction to nicotine. God answers, he feels sick at the thought of cigarettes. He too became a Christian, and is now a full-time minister. Praise God for the ‘Jesus’ film based on the Gospel of Luke and seen by at least three billion, including thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Iranians. One agency produced 50,000 DVD’s of the film, and in less than a year supplies ran out. So…someone is probably watching the film right now.

Pray for

  • Whoever is watching the film right now, that God speaks to their hearts
  • For those who have come to faith in Iran through watching the film
  • For hundreds of thousands more of the DVD to be produced and distributed