J.John teaching series: pray for great impact

Thursday, November 03rd, 2016

Revd Canon J.John, a popular British evangelist, is having an increasing impact on the Persian-speaking world.

Elam translated and dubbed J.John’s excellent and challenging ‘Just 10’ series of televised sermons on the 10 Commandments. Now the dubbed series is being broadcast weekly by satellite into Iran and the wider region, reaching vast Persian-speaking audiences with the preacher’s challenging, relevant, Bible-focussed teaching.

J.John is a highly gifted communicator of the Good News, and his much-loved use of humorous storytelling resonates perfectly with Iran’s time-honoured storytelling traditions.  Given that most Iranians are already familiar with the 10 Commandments, the ‘Just 10’ series is an ideal way to introduce many new Iranians to the Christian faith.

For many years, the evangelist’s messages have helped people the world over to discover spiritual truth and purpose in a way that makes sense of everyday life; please join us in praying that, thanks to this dubbed series, the same would also now be true of the Persian-speaking world.

Pray for

  • J.John’s sermon series to attract non-believers to Christ
  • His preaching to encourage isolated Christians in Iran
  • Strategic decisions regarding the dubbing of further series