Largest Iranian church, rooted in faithful witness and prayer of missionaries

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

Invited to speak to at a conference for  Christian missionaries in a European capital, Iranian evangelist Bahram wondered whether the long journey would be worth it. But he had made a commitment, so he went.

At the conference, Bahram shared about his ministry in a city in the Iran Region where every Sunday about five hundred Iranians gathered. In the last couple of years over four hundred new believers have been baptised. It is probably the largest church in the Iran Region.

When he finished sharing a missionary couple was in tears. Bahram went to talk to them. This couple had served in the very same city for seven years several years ago. They had witnessed, they had prayed daily – but they had seen only a handful of Muslims turn to Jesus Christ. Then, discouraged, they had to leave.

Seemingly their ministry had been a failure.

But God had answered their prayers ’far more abundantly’ than they had ever thought.

God had seen their witness; had heard their prayer.

And God had sent Bahram on a long journey to make sure these missionaries knew that ‘their labour had not been in vain’.

As in Scripture, so now: one sows, another reaps.

May this story encourage all readers of Iran 30 to persevere in prayer.

And to be ready, like these missionaries, to go and witness even when there is no response.


Pray for

  • All missionaries in the Muslim world who see no fruit now
  • The large and growing Muslim background churches in the Iran region
  • More missionaries to go and live and pray in the Iran region