Magdalena, Jesus through Mary Magdalene’s eyes

Friday, January 08th, 2010

The DVD Magdalena will shortly be available in Persian. It is a powerful feature film, telling the story of Jesus through the eyes of Mary Magdalene. Dramatically delivered herself from demons, Mary tells how Jesus touched the lives of other disgraced women – a used prostitute caught in adultery, a lonely villager rejected because of her promiscuity, a diseased woman made unclean by her bleeding. In recent years hundreds of Iranian women have been won to Christ, attracted to the respect and compassion he showed women. With this film they will be able now to invite hundreds of others to come and see for themselves how Jesus cared for women.

Pray for

  • Successful completion of the production of the DVD in Persian
  • Funds for on going production
  • Millions to be distributed in the Persian speaking world