Mahmoud, loving and fearless: a new man in Christ

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

“Mahmoud has become a totally new person since he met Christ,” beams Vahid, talking about his disciple. “Honestly, I’m jealous of the deep love Mahmoud has for the Lord. He’s the one ministering to me these days.”

Vahid, an Elam internet pastor, tells more of Mahmoud’s story:

“I was introduced to Mahmoud online.  He was a volatile young man: he had a very short fuse and used fifthly language freely. He was a divisive character and had a very poor relationship with his family as a result.

“But his heart was clearly searching for something.

“When I would share the Gospel with him, it would go over his head. But he kept faithfully coming to our online meetings. I also managed to send him a Bible.  His friends, who had introduced us, also kept talking about Jesus with him.

“One day, God just grabbed him. It clicked for him and he gave his life to the Lord. He started reading his Bible deeply: ‘I’m starting to commit to memory parts of the Bible you sent to me,’ he told me, which made me so happy.

“And his family have noticed the change in him.  Now, instead of a dark cloud, they see the light in his face. He’s loving rather than angry.  People are now drawn towards him, not pushed away.

“Mahmoud so loves the Lord that it makes him fearless in sharing the Gospel. The other day, he said to me: ‘I am ready to give my life for Jesus. I want to do anything for him. I’m not afraid of anyone.’”

Pray for

  • Mahmoud’s family to come to Christ;
  • Protection, and wisdom as Mahmoud shares;
  • Vahid’s ongoing internet ministry.