Media blackout, increases importance of getting in Scriptures

Friday, December 18th, 2009

For at least two days this week there was a clampdown on telephone lines, mobile networks, and the internet. Government opponents used December 7th, National Student Day, to demonstrate, and clearly officials did not want unseemly reports of baton wielding policemen going round the world. With such control it is important the church never allows the new technology to dominate its efforts to reach Iran. Still by far the most important contribution international believers can make is to ensure New Testaments are sent in. Satellite TV and websites are certainly having an impact, but the temporary programmes of the silver screen can never replace the gold like value of an actual New Testament in someone’s hands. And when all connections go down, as happened this week, God’s Word is still there, in a pocket, a hand bag, in the drawer of a bedside table.

Pray for

  •  Millions more New Testaments to flood into Iran
  • The courageous distributors
  • Less control of satellite and internet connections