Men’s conference: it’s all about reaching women

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Elam Ministries is hosting a very special men’s conference all about reaching and nurturing women. Confused? Read on.

For a number of years Elam has hosted conferences for women, focusing on their identity in Christ and their importance in church ministry. These conferences have been very successful. The conference wants to introduce this teaching to a group of male Iranian Christian leaders, so they will fully support the ministry of women in the Persian-speaking church.

And as at least fifty percent of the growing church is female, it is crucially important that these male Christian leaders understand the unique issues women face. Widely understood to be second class citizens in Iran, women have often endured things that men often do not instinctively understand.

It is hoped that this conference, and future ones, will give Iranian Christian men the tools they need to better understand, reach and disciple the women in their lives, churches and communities.

Pray for:
• Anointing in sessions
• Open hearts and open minds
• Repentance where necessary