Miraculous provision for struggling Christian businessman

Friday, June 05th, 2015

Many Christians have difficulties obtaining employment in Iran, particularly converts. As a result, many Christians run their own businesses. But it’s a difficult economy in which to stay afloat.

Hamid, a Christian, was renting a shop with a friend in a busy bazaar. The rent was crippling and he began to cry out to God for his own shop. It was a prayer for a total miracle because he had no money – not enough even for a down payment. 

Shortly after Hamid prayed, an old man came into their shop, wanting to see him. The old man owned two shops in the bazaar, and told Hamid that he had heard good things about Hamid’s character and shop from others in the bazaar. Now old and retried, the elderly businessman wanted to sell one of his shops, and he wanted Hamid to purchase it.

When a family owns a shop in an Iranian bazaar they never sell it. Shops stay in the family. But here was a complete stranger offering his shop to the Christian, Hamid. The first miracle.

But the cost of the shop was far higher that what Hamid could afford. The old man told Hamid that he should give what he could, and the rest of the payment could come in instalments. This also never happens in Iran. For a shop, the buyer must always give all the money upfront. This was Hamid’s second miracle.

The shop Hamid bought is now worth five times what it was worth when he purchased it.

Pray for:

  • Christian businessmen and women
  • Hamid’s witness to others in the bazaar
  • God’s provision for those under financial pressure