More than 18,000 New Testaments gladly received

Thursday, March 05th, 2015

Over 18,000 Persian New Testaments have been given out in the Iran region in the past week. This is the good news from evangelists who are in the midst of two-weeks of dedicated outreach to mark Norouz (Persian New Year).

Norouz always heralds intensive evangelism for Iranian churches, and this year New Testaments are being snapped up thick and fast.  Over 6,000 New Testaments have been distributed in one city alone in the Iran region: they are so popular that the evangelists are in danger of running out.

One outreach team met a man in a shopping mall a few days ago, and he gratefully received a New Testament. About one hour later, the team bumped into the same man, and he excitedly told them that he had already read over 200 pages of the Scriptures.  There is a great hunger for the Word. Evangelism is also happening on buses, on city streets, and at cultural events. The outreach teams are finding that people are curious and open to reading the Gospel of Jesus.

Please join us in praying at this strategic time.  For another week, the evangelism will continue.  As Iranians are celebrating, Christians are busy, and Jesus is at work.

Pray for

  • Those who have received New Testaments
  • Energy and encouragement for the outreach teams
  • God-ordained interactions during the coming week