More than 450 baptisms...

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

More than 240 Iranians were baptised last week in two large celebrations in the Iran region. A further 16 were baptised in a smaller service, and about 200 more will soon be baptised at a fourth celebration. We praise God for every Iranian who has been baptised recently.

Seven friends, who were there to support those being baptised, responded to a call to submit their lives to Christ for the first time at one of last week's celebrations. These large baptism services are joyful day-long gatherings, with sessions of worship, preaching, prayer for the nation of Iran, Holy Communion and shared meals. 

One of the baptisms followed a conference which the entire church attended; the theme of unity threaded through all the teaching, and encouraged the church greatly.

We thank you for praying and supporting us as we seek to serve and equip Iran’s growing church.

Pray for

  • All those who were baptised last week
  • The seven new believers
  • Those who will be baptised soon