More arrests, more reports of impact of prayer for prisoners

Friday, February 17th, 2012

The authorities have arrested more Christians in Shiraz and Tehran. On February 8th security forces raided a home group in Shiraz, arresting everyone there. At least seven Christians are now in prison. All their homes were thoroughly searched. According to reports the names of those arrested are: Mojtaba Hosseini, Sharifeh, Koroush, Masoud and husband and wife, Homayoun and Fariba with their 17 year old son, Nima. Their families have had no news from those arrested. On the same day in Tehran the Armenian minister, Massis Moussian, from the Assemblies of God Church in the suburb Narmak, was also arrested. It is thought he is being held in Rajaei-Shahr prison. Again, his family have had no news.

They join at least six other Christians who are in prison solely for their faith. Farhad Sabokroh, Naser Zamen-Defzuli and Davoud (David) Alijani were arrested during a Christmas service in December 2011 and are in Karoun prison, Ahvaz. Noroollah Qabitizadeh, who was arrested in December 2010, is detained in the same prison. Fariborz Arazm was arrested in October 2011, and is being held in prison in Karaj. Farshid Fathi-Malayeri was arrested on December 26th 2010 and is being held in Evin prison.

Prisoners arrested last year and now released have testified to the impact of prayer while they were in prison. One Christian wrote about how they would be feeling incredibly low, but then from nowhere a soft wind would blow in their heart; there would be a comforting presence. This was prayer.

Pray for:

• Release of all Christian prisoners
• Provision for the families of those arrested
• Policy of arbitrary arrest of Christians to stop