More releases, still innocent men in prison

Friday, May 06th, 2011

Last week it was reported that three of the four Christians held in Hamedan prison since September 2010 had been released. There are no details as to whether bail has been paid or not. Those freed were Mr. Arash Kermanjani and his wife Arezou Teimouri, along with Mrs. Sonia Avanesian, the wife of pastor Vahik Abrahamian, who has been kept in prison. Vahik Abrahamian, an ethnic Armenian,became a Christian in Holland several years ago. He has dual nationality (Dutch and Iranian) and could easily have lived in Holland. However he chose to return to Iran to share Christ with the country’s many victims of drug abuse. For this charitable work he was arrested.
It has also been reported that Zohre Taslim who has been held in Mashad prison since December 27th has also been released.
Farshid Fathi, arrested on December 24th in Tehran, is still being held in Evin Prison. It was expected that he would have been released on bail like the others. Nothing is known as to how the authorities plan to proceed with his case. This uncertainty adds to the suffering his wife and two young children are enduring.
Yusef Naderkhani is also still in prison, and still under the threat of execution.
These three men still in prison have absolutely no record of any illegal activity. Their only crime is their faith in Jesus Christ.

Pray for

Release of Farshid Fathi, Vahik Abrahamian and Yusef Naderkhani
Special grace for their wives
Authorities to renounce policy of persecution against Christians