Morning devotions, with the TV

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Imagine you have been led to faith on the phone by a friend in another country and you have experienced the joy of Jesus in your heart and have a longing to read the Scriptures and hear more. But you have no Bible in the house and you have no idea where to buy one. All you know is that Bibles are banned. And you only know there are churches for Armenians and Assyrians who hold services in their own language which you do not speak, and anyway those churches are hundreds of miles away in distant cities. You yourself have never seen a church building with your own eyes. Nor have you ever met a Christian. No Scriptures, no fellowship – but you do have satellite TV. So every morning you tune in and read the Bible with a fellow Iranian Christian on the screen and then you pray. Later in the day you watch programmes about others like you who have come to faith, and there is wonderful preaching. You go to bed, uplifted and stronger in your faith. Praise God for satellite TV. Pray for

  •  All isolated believers depending on Satellite TV for spiritual nourishment
  • Programme makers, to be creative and passionate and professional
  • Provision of Scriptures for the thousands who have responded