Mosque bombing in Zahedan, the cruel wheel of revenge

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

On Thursday 15th July, two Sunnis blew themselves up among worshippers celebrating the birth of Imam Hussein at a large Shia mosque in in Zahedan, the capital Baluchistan. The second bomber waited till a crowd had gathered round the mayhem of the first blast before detonating himself to maximise casualties. They now stand at 27 dead and over 200 injured.

            This is the cruel wheel of revenge for the government executing Abdulmalike Riga, the leader of the Jundullah, a terrorist group campaigning for Sunnis, a minority in Shia Iran. Nothing can justify such wanton cruelty against innocent people. It is important that Christians intercede with zeal for the authorities to bring this cruel wheel of revenge to a halt.

Pray for

  • Grieving families, for the Holy Spirit to give comfort and hope
  • Injured to be healed
  • Terrorist group to be uprooted.