The most crucial ministry for secret believers...

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

As Behnaz finished sharing her family's story I tried to absorb it all: so much suffering for their faith. Fighting back my anger at the trauma they had been forced to endure in Iran, I asked Behnaz how we could pray for her. Expecting her to mention her family’s uncertain future, or their difficult present circumstances, I was surprised by her response:

‘Pray for Nadia: she has had no fellowship since our church was raided. She’s alone.’

Behnaz's thoughts were only for a friend back home: a friend who was cut off from other believers. She asked me to do whatever possible to support and encourage isolated believers.

One of the safest ways for isolated believers to receive encouragement is through Christian TV: the programs produced by Elam and other Iranian ministries give secret believers good bible teaching, a chance to worship God, and a connection of sorts to the global church. Christian TV can never replace church, but it is invaluable for people like Nadia.

As we said farewell, I promised Behnaz I would mobilise prayer for Christian TV producers. Would you join me in praying that they would continue to produce excellent programs, for the sake of secret believers like Nadia?

Pray for

  • Encouragement for Nadia and other isolated believers today
  • Believers to find the Christian TV channels
  • Wisdom for all involved in making and transmitting Christian TV

This report was written by an Elam staff member who met with Behnaz in one of Iran's neighbouring countries in summer 2015.