Most out of prison, but not free

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Most of the Christians arrested in the wave of arrests over the Christmas season are either out of prison, or have been offered release on the condition of very high bail, for just one believer the figure was $250,000. They are out of prison, but they are not free. They are closely watched, their phones tapped. If there is any suspicious of them engaging in any Christian activity, they risk arrest and imprisonment again. And there is a trial in court. They do not know the date, or the charge, or the likely sentence. They live with intimidation, uncertainty – and their prison memories: solitary confinement; constant questioning; insults; beatings; threats of execution; lies that others have betrayed them. They need our prayer.

Pray for

• Grace for Christians released to get through each day
• Wisdom regarding their future
• Healing for their memories