From mourning to joy: Mahtab’s journey of discipleship

Thursday, July 19th, 2018

Young Mahtab* was abused by her brother for 10 years. It happened hundreds of times. As a result, she was broken, ashamed and alone.

When one of Elam’s ministry team visited her church two years ago, the message he shared gave her some hope that healing is possible.

Later she received a message from another Elam team member: "Your life will be so effective that the devil will regret that he ever bothered with you." This gave Mahtab more hope for restoration. She started praying with her believing husband and began working through her painful experiences from childhood.

Mahtab was further ministered to at a 2-week discipleship conference. That is where she was finally able to forgive her brother.

But it was in a recent women’s conference that the Lord brought full healing to her heart. She said, “My days of mourning have come to an end, and I believe that Jesus will use the ugly things of my life for His glory.”

Not only did she experience restoration, but Mahtab received a calling to serve wounded women like herself.

Thank you for helping us reach and equip people like Mahtab.

Please join us in praying:

  • With thanksgiving to God for Mahtab’s story; for her healing and restoration, and the ability to forgive her brother.
  • With praise to God for Mahtab’s new calling to help bring hope and healing to other women.
  • That many others suffering the trauma of abuse would find healing and new life in Christ.

*Name altered for security reasons.