Movie review program: new series out soon

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Iranians are fanatical about movies - making them, watching them, analysing them. This explains why the evangelistic movie review program ‘Avaye Cinema’ (Scent of Cinema) is so strategic for Iran. A new series is now airing, so let’s pray unimaginable numbers of Iranians will give their hearts to Christ as they watch.

‘Avaye Cinema’ reviews the latest Iranian movies with a Christian perspective. It’s a great way to demonstrate that Christ is always relevant and can speak into our day to day lives. It’s also a great way to share the gospel with many who have never had the chance to hear it.

Nobody knows exactly how many watch this ministry broadcast, nor the many other programs that are sent into the Iran region, but the response to previous programs suggests there are thousands.

Some of these will have come to faith through a ministry broadcast and will have been discipled by ministry broadcasts: in a closed country, TV is a vital ministry. Let us pray for abundant fruit from this new series, beyond what we could ask or imagine.

Pray for:
• Many to come to Christ through the next series of Avaye Cinema
• Many Christians to be encouraged
• Strength and wisdom for the production team