"Mum, we should pray!" Young believer grows through kids show

Thursday, May 28th, 2020

Shervin’s mother was in a fluster. A steady stream of dirty water was leaking through the ceiling, into the kitchen. She was desperately trying to mop up the mess while worrying they wouldn’t be able to find a plumber due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Just then, 11-year-old Shervin came into the kitchen and, seeing his mother’s distress, said, “Mum, we should pray.” Believers in Jesus, they stopped and asked for His help. Shortly after, a plumber was found and the situation was resolved.

Shervin’s mother was grateful that her son had remembered to pray when she had forgotten. Shervin explained that he had recently watched Elam’s daily kids show in which he had been encouraged to bring every need before God in prayer.

We praise God that kids in the Iran region, like Shervin, are watching and growing in their trust in the Lord through this exciting new programme.

 Pray for the team as they develop each episode while socially distanced. Pray for more children to tune in and grow in their faith.

You can find all the available episodes of this new show here.