My family and I want to know Jesus

Wednesday, July 28th, 2021

Anahita and her family were given a Bible last year by a relative visiting from out of town. He was a new believer and encouraged them to read it, but didn't give them any other instruction.

Anahita carefully studied it until she knew it quite well and it wakened many questions in her heart about Jesus.

One day, at her job as a supermarket cashier, she noticed a woman named Parvin wearing a cross necklace and she felt her heartbeat quicken.

Anahita eagerly offered to help take Parvin’s groceries to the car. When they reached the parking lot, Anahita turned to her and asked hopefully, "I saw the cross around your neck. Are you a Christian?"

Parvin gladly replied, "Yes, I’ve just become a Christian."

Excited, Anahita told her, "My family and I want to know about Jesus. Can you help us?"

Parvin connected Anahita with her house church leader, Samira, a graduate of Elam’s 3-month course, and Anahita happily invited her to her family’s home.

When Samira arrived, the power unexpectedly went off, but after lighting candles, they settled down to meet. Despite the unusual circumstances, Samira shared the Gospel with Anahita’s family and they each knelt down and prayed to receive Christ.

 Please pray: 

  • For Anahita and her family, that they would have the opportunity to be discipled
  • For expanded courses to train and send out more spiritual leaders like Samira
  • For the continued expansion of the Gospel in the Iran region through relational evangelism