Mystery of mission, means mystery of ongoing prayer

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

With her leaders moving from air terminal to air terminal carrying their laptops full of strategies, mission can seem so very modern and rational: but at heart it is a mystery, for it is about God. And that puts the mystery of prayer at the centre of mission. With countries like Iran there is a tendency for the wider church to give herself to intense prayer when persecution takes an ugly turn. However, there is a need for congregations all over the world to engage in ongoing intercession for the many needs of Iran – and those who with their laptops and busy travelling schedules are doing all they can to reach the country. Without prayer it will all be empty blowing in the wind. With prayer, it is God’s wind.

Pray for

  • Wider circulation of the booklet Iran 30, and other intercession initiatives
  • More congregations to establish regular prayer meetings for Iran
  • Mission leaders waiting at those terminals with their laptops