Nail polish

Friday, March 01st, 2013

Iranians compare their own personal freedoms with those in the West and feel frustrated. Most families will have had some brush with the law over something very trivial. For example it is illegal for a woman in Iran to wear nail polish, but women like wearing nail polish, and so many have been stopped in the streets. They go back home feeling bruised. They switch on their internet or satellite TV and every woman who appears on screen from the serious type to the comedienne is wearing nail polish. It makes them think. A complete stranger has invaded your personal space in the street in the name of what? In the name of religion? This doesn’t make you feel good about that religion, but you still believe in God. Is it possible there is a God who will not bully me? And then you hear about Jesus Christ. Your heart has already been opened, and you want to find out more.

Pray for
• Divine appointments for Iranians irritated by trivial laws
• Turning of hearts to Jesus rather than away from God
• Wisdom for church leaders in teaching true Christian freedom