New Bible: “It doesn’t feel like I’m reading a foreign book”

Friday, October 03rd, 2014

“I’ve been waiting for this new translation for many years. Before, I had to use several Persian-to-Persian dictionaries to understand the older translation. Now I understand the words clearly. It’s wonderful.”

This was one Iranian house-church pastor’s reaction to Elam’s new translation of the Bible, which he voiced at a leaders’ conference in the Iran region, following the Bible’s launch in late September 2014.  Another conference delegate, who coordinates training courses for Iranian believers, also reflected on the new Bible, saying, “It doesn’t feel like I’m reading a foreign book translated into my language. It reads like a book written for me in my language. It’s totally different.”

The recently launched New Millennium Version of the Bible has been eagerly anticipated by the Iranian church, ever since Elam began the translation work in 1995.  Prior to the publication of the new translation, Persian Christians have been reading the Old Testament in the old standard version. This translation is over 100 years old, and uses obscure and archaic words and phrases, which render the text difficult to comprehend.

Praise the Lord that Iranian believers now have an easily comprehensible, accurate and beautiful translation of the full Bible. We believe it will strengthen and deepen the roots of the rapidly growing Iranian church for generations to come.

Pray for

  • The distribution of the new Bible
  • Iranian pastors to lead their congregations deeply into the Word
  • Many seekers to come to faith through reading this new translation