The new cabinet: Christians should follow Archbishop Tutu’s example

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Desmond Tutu, the retired Archbishop of Cape Town and passionate campaigner against apartheid, once told the prime-minister of segregated South Africa, Mr Botha, that he prayed for him and his minsters every day. It is unlikely that Christians will sympathise with the views of many in the new conservative cabinet of Iran’s Islamic Republic, but nevertheless, Archbishop Tutu’s example is a good one to follow. The most pressing item for the new cabinet’s agenda is the nuclear issue (see last’s week’s entry here), followed by how to respond to the massive disquiet over President Ahmadinejad’s election. So far it has been defiant: a more conciliatory response might serve them and their country better. With inflation running at 25% and unemployment at about 13%, the economy is another major issue.

Pray for

  • New cabinet (for key names see Iran’s Present Leaders)
  • Courage to serve all their citizens and not just their supporters
  • To hear the message of Christ