New Millenium Translation, Pentateuch a great success

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Moses would be delighted that the new Persian translation of his long term best seller, the Pentateuch, has been such a success. Recently, before a public reading of the scriptures, an Iranian preacher smiled broadly, and said what a joy the new translation was. Clarity, accuracy, and elegance are the trade-marks of the New Millennium team and they are certainly to be found here.

The New Millennium translation has already had a massive impact in Iran. One million copies of its New Testament, some with the Psalms and Proverbs, have been printed. Despite the risk and danger of suffering, these Scriptures have not gathered dust on shelves, but have found their way into the hands of Iranians.

This work has not been in vain. Elam’s director tells the story of a woman who refused to accept a copy, when asked why, she said 'All who take this book become Christians.' The Elam New Testament is now well known on Iran’s streets. A Christian on a bus brought out a copy to read. Recognising the smooth red cover, a stranger leant over and said – ‘Are these the Christian Scriptures?’

Next off the press will be all the books like Daniel that involve Iran, and then, hopefully fairly soon, will be the great day when the entire Bible will be printed. Millions of copies will be needed to meet the great demand there is in Iran.

Pray for

• The translation team – energy, accuracy, clarity and elegance
• The proof readers, type-setters, the printers
• The distributors