New Testaments printed; New Testaments gone

Wednesday, October 06th, 2010

More New Testaments have been printed in the last five years than at any time in recent history. One agency has nearly printed half a million. But even this level of printing is not enough to keep up with demand. From a recent print run of 100,000, stocks are running low. The New Testaments are printed; the New Testaments go. These figures prove that talk of the openness of Iranians is not based on speculation, but hard facts. They want to read the New Testament.

Funds are needed for the printing; immense courage is needed for the distributors. They always need supernatural wisdom to know who they should to offer a New Testament to. Many evangelists would tell stories of miraculous leading, and protection, which they put down to the prayers of the saints behind the scenes.

Pray for

  • More funds to print more New Testaments
  • Courage and wisdom for evangelists
  • Protection from hostile authorities