New Year, New Christians

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Just as in the West, non-Christians like to go to church over Christmas. So in one town in the Iran region this year, nearly 200 people came together and were led in Christian worship by the Elam pastor and his team. Such was the spirit of joy that at the end of the meeting, some of the congregation just started their own traditional dance. During the celebration one man went up to the front. He was seeking God and a team member led him to Christ. In other churches Iranians have come to faith over this Christmas season. It’s a new year, and there are many new Iranian Christians starting to grow in their faith. They will all need discipling as they are prepared for baptism. When the storms of spiritual opposition erupt, they will need a wise Christian counsellor to explain what is going on. All this work of evangelism and discipleship deserves to be supported in prayer

Pray for:

• All those who have recently come to faith
• That they soon be established in the church
• For those who disciple and pastor