New year, new nuclear talks: Need for new prayer

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

The stalled nuclear talks between Iran and the West have started again. The diplomats want to have the main issues sorted out by March; and all the technical details in place by July. The leaders from both sides, John Kerry for the West, and Mohmammad Zarif for Iran, have been upbeat about the prospects for peace. Mohammad Zarif will be encouraged by a Mehr News Agency survey showing that over 80% in Iran wanted the talks to succeed.

Both Kerry and Zarif face a lot of noise from the side lines. In Washington some Republicans are keen to introduce new sanctions against Iran; Israel and Saudi Arabia (US allies) are very hostile to any deal; as are hard-liners in Tehran, who have fiercely criticised Zarif for taking a walk with Kerry in the streets of Geneva.

It is important to pray that the talks are successful. The prize for the West is a blunting of any nuclear threat from Tehran; and for Iran – and her growing church – economic stability. This will also strengthen the hand of the moderates.

Pray for

  • John Kerry
  • Mohammad Zarif
  • Success of the talks