Nice speech, but we want jobs

Friday, May 28th, 2010

President Ahmadinejad likes to travel the country making speeches to the faithful. Usually he gets a good hearing. But in Khorramshahr this Monday (24th May 2010) where he was speaking on the anniversary of the city’s liberation from the Iraqis, the crowd started chanting, ‘Bi Kari, Bi Kari!’ (The unemployed, the unemployed). The official figure for the number of jobless is 12.1% of the population. Others say it is 25%. Add to this inflation running at around 16% or more and it’s easy to see why people want to complain. It’s not so easy though to see how the President can meet the demand for jobs without further upsetting his critics. They already say he has allowed government expenditure to grow too fast. Unemployment for Christians is usually worse, especially if they have become believers having belonged to another faith. If their employer finds this out, they will often face dismissal. And then finding another job is hard. Likewise the job situation is a challenge for the church. Certainly the unemployed in the congregations can be more active – but also they will need help. Pastors need real wisdom to know who to help financially.

Pray for

  • All those responsible for the Iranian economy
  • Christians out of work
  • Pastors to know who to help