No preacher, how about Skype?

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Believers want to meet and are hungry for good Bible teaching. But sometimes there is no preacher physically present. However, if there is an internet connection, there is Skype. It works. The preacher can see most of the people, and they can see him or her. The voice can easily be amplified over the p.a. system. And at the end, the speaker can still ask people to stand or to come forward for prayer. It is even possible for the preacher to preside over the service of Holy Communion. Obviously it’s not as good as having someone in the flesh, but it’s a lot better than having no Bible teaching at all.

In recent months there has been quite an increase in the amount of church activity dependent on the net. People are hearing the Gospel, being built up, and also linked to each other. These internet churches are a part of the story of the growing church in Iran and deserve our prayers, especially with the threat of access to the internet being restricted (see ‘Reaching Iran’ section).

Pray for

• Ongoing access to the internet
• Anointing and wisdom for Skype preachers
• Local church follow-up