No questions allowed: How Iran controls the media

Wednesday, November 06th, 2013

The publication of an article that questioned a religious tenet has led to the ban of another Iranian newspaper this week. Media is tightly controlled in Iran, and censorship is particularly tight when it comes to religious topics. Christians should pray for a change in media climate and for freedom of expression to be protected

The regularity with which newspapers are censored, and journalists, editors and bloggers are imprisoned in Iran, reveals that the government greatly fears the prospect of a free speaking civil society. Of course the high-level censorship results in a rather monotonous one-dimensional press. “We only ever hear one side of a story, one spin on it” reflects Amir, “You don’t get different angles and nuances, so it’s hard to be sure what’s really going on. Plus, the press sadly lacks any vibrancy as a result.”

President Rouhani pledged to work for more social freedom during his election campaign and since he took office his administration has released a few reformist journalists from prison. Though there is a long road to walk before freedom of expression becomes a possibility in Iran, with God anything is possible.

Pray for:
• Imprisoned journalists and editors
• A change in media climate
• Iranians to have space to debate important issues