Norouz: Family time, family tensions

Tuesday, May 05th, 2015

For Iranians, Norouz (Persian New Year) is a special time of getting together and celebrating with family. It’s also, therefore, a time when family tensions make their presence felt. Please join us in praying that many Christians would be able to play a part in family reconciliation, and to share Christ with their extended family this Norouz.

All families have their issues. Iranian families are no different. And vast differences in values and ambitions between the different generations can mean the tensions are particularly heightened in Iran.  For Christians within non-Christian families, there’s an added sense of division. But many Christians are determined to minister to their loved ones this Norouz, by serving, mediating, and ultimately by sharing the Gospel.

Amid the traditions, the potluck dinners, and the vibrant street gatherings, please pray that this Norouz would be marked by healing and restoration for many families, and that many families would come to faith in Christ.

Pray for

  • Christians to be faithful witnesses
  • Broken family relationships to be restored
  • Whole families to come to Christ