Not very easy when phone lines and internet are blocked

Tuesday, July 07th, 2009

International phone lines and access to the internet have been severely restricted as the government tries to control the news leaving Iran while protests against the election results continue. This has impacted Christian agencies reaching out to Iran, especially satellite TV programmes that rely on the phone and the internet for follow up.

While viewers cannot now easily contact the counselors, the programmes are still being shown despite a fresh campaign by the authorities in Iran to confiscate satellite dishes, which in theory are illegal. They face an impossible task as it is estimated there are about 3-4 million in the country.

The crack down on international calls is also hampering many Iranians in the Diaspora who evangelize through the phone and pastor new believers. Some groups will gather in a home and with the phone on loudspeaker will preach, lead people to Christ and encourage the believers.

Pray for

  • The lifting of restrictions on Iranians contacting Christians abroad
  • Wisdom for Christian TV presenters during these sensitive days
  • Encouragement for believers who normally rely on ministry via the phone