Now, this is hunger for God's Word

Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

Sanaz is a new Iranian believer in a refugee camp in Europe. Her personal bible is just covered with notes, highlights and underlining. Now, that is hunger for the Word of God!
Sanaz has loved studying her Bible ever since she came to faith. Devouring sermons and books that help her to understand God's Word, she takes careful notes. So when other refugees ask questions about Jesus, Sanaz is ready to share. Many now want their own copies of the Scriptures.
There is huge demand for the Bible throughout Iran and everywhere there are Persian-speakers.
Just recently we heard about a group of new believers who have never experienced ‘church’ as we know it. More than twenty of them gather in a tiny room and follow along as one person reads the Scriptures aloud.
Like Sanaz, they are so hungry to go deeper into God’s Word. And we are hungry to help them.

Please join us in praying for:

  • Sanaz’s growth in Christ and her witness.
  • The hundreds of thousands who received the Scriptures in Persian last year.
  • The small group of believers, that they would continue to meet together and dig deep into the Word of God.
  • For all those still waiting to receive a copy of the Bible.