The nuclear deal, surely an answer to prayer

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

The world’s press has been heaving with analysis about the nuclear agreement Iran signed with the West in late November. Whether pro or anti, one thing is agreed: it is an historic deal. Indeed the tectonic plates of Middle East diplomacy might well have shifted.

But in this hail of words one cause for the diplomatic breakthrough has not been mentioned: the power of prayer.

For the last eight years some voices in Tehran, Tel Aviv, and Washington have been beating battle drums. But millions of Christians have been praying against war so that Iranians, Israelis and Arabs can live ‘a quiet and peaceable life’ (1 Tim. 2:2).

For many, a deal never looked possible. But now it seems the Lord has answered prayer. Iran agreed to limit its uranium enrichment program; the West agreed to ease sanctions.

Intercession levels must remain hot. The present deal is only for six months. Volcanoes of mistrust, fear, and outright hatred could erupt at any time, sweeping away this temporary truce. But with continued prayer this agreement can turn into a settlement. Then, under the warmer skies of peace, there may be more freedom for the church to grow.

Pray for:

• Temporary truce to turn into a settlement
• Peace for all the peoples in the Iran region
• Diplomacy to increase religious freedom