Nuclear Negotiations, coming soon?

Wednesday, October 06th, 2010

Iran’s foreign minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, has started a flurry of activity at the United Nations after indicating that his country is ready to resume negotiations on their nuclear programme. His only pre-condition is the recognition that Iran has a right to nuclear energy. Given the other powers have always accepted Iran can develop nuclear energy the talks, in theory, should resume. This is good news for everyone. Iran’s economy does not need the fourth round of sanctions authorised last June by the UN, and the international community needs Iran’s help to stabilize Iraq and Afghanistan. Christians need to pray that politicians will be brave enough to think beyond their own constituencies.

Pray for

  • Supreme Leader Khamanei who will take the final decision regarding Iran’s position.
  • Manouchehr Mottaki and all the Iranian officials who might be involved in negotiations
  • Hilary Clinton (US), Yang Jiechi (China) and Sergei Lavrov (Russia) and other senior diplomats engaged in this question.