The nuclear program, Syria and now the UAE: soft steps needed

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Last week there were at least two items on the desk of Iran foreign policy’s minister Ali Akbar Salehi that could disintegrate into war – the feud with the West about the nuclear programme and the conflict raging in Syria. This became even more dangerous a few days ago when Turkey attacked inside Syria to deter border incursions.

And now this week the United Arab Emirates has referred to some rocky islands in the Persian Gulf as being ‘occupied’ by Iran. Tehran of course flatly denies this. The islands have always belonged to Iran. But it’s another item on the agenda that could become volatile.

As true diplomats believe that sensible persuasive talking can prevent war, so Christians believe earnest prayer can stop conflict. Iran needs this sort of prayer today. The last thing ordinary Iranians want is war; but nor do they want humiliation. Pray that all diplomats will tread softly merging peace and respect together.

Pray for

• Ali Akbar Salahi
• Resolution of nuclear issue; Syrian conflict; and island dispute
• Wisdom for all diplomats