The nuclear question, a deal in sight

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

As thousands of Christians around the world have prayed, so negotiations over Iran’s nuclear programme seem to be edging towards a peaceful outcome. This week Tehran has indicated it is willing to send its uranium to Russia where it will only be enriched for producing electricity. This would assuage the West’s suspicions that Iran is trying to build a bomb – something Iran has consistently denied. The deal has not yet been signed, but if this corner is turned this would be an excellent development. Christians are to pray that people can live godly and peaceful lives, so it is crucial the church keeps up the prayer even the clouds of war. Given Iran and the West both share common interests in Afghanistan and in the wider Middle East in terms of wanting stability it would make the world a much safer place if this step towards peace led to a wider peace.

Pray for

  • The deal between the West and Iran to be swiftly signed and adhered to.
  • All negotiators, especially Mohammad ElBaradei, from the International Atomic Energy Agency, and Said Jalillee, Iran’s chief nuclear diplomat
  • For a much wider peace between the West and Iran