That nuclear question, goes down well at home.

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

At home most Iranians support the nuclear programme and their right to defend themselves. This explains why President Ahmadinejad proudly announced during the 31st anniversary celebrations that Iran can now enrich uranium to 20%, and is going to mass produce ‘drone’ planes. This went down well among the thousands of supporters who massed in Tehran’s Azadi Square for the celebrations, many of them bussed in for free. So intense was the security that the President’s opponents had little chance to make their mark on the day. And even if they had been given a platform, they would never have denounced the government’s nuclear achievements - that would be far too unpatriotic. Abroad of course these announcements have caused a new round of condemnation and threats of sanctions from everyone – apart from China and Saudi Arabia. China wants more diplomacy; Saudi Arabia ominously talks of more immediate action. Sanctions or worse would only strengthen Tehran’s narrative of a secular world out to belittle a great Islamic nation; it is very unlikely they would stop the uranium enrichment programme. However they would notch up the divide even more between Iran and the West, which would spell danger of anyone suspected of not being totally loyal to the country. That could include Christians, who belong to the Iranian and the worldwide church. There is much to pray for.

Pray for

  • Iran’s leaders responsible for the defence of their country
  • Wisdom for all diplomats engaged in discussing the nuclear issue
  • Protection for believers who want to be loyal Iranians and loyal Christians