The oldest profession, looking horribly young and perfectly legal

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Anecdotes, websites, carefully researched film documentaries which win awards at international festivals all point to a major rise in prostitution, especially in Tehran where runaway girls tend to end up. One website says the city hosts about 250 brothels and earlier the newspaper ‘Entekhab’ threw out the figure of 85,000 girls on the street. Nobody of course knows, but the oldest profession has clearly been expanding, and tragically many of the girls are just teenagers. Some of this prostitution operates under the guise of ‘sighe’, temporary marriage allowed by Shia Islam, where the couple can ‘marry’ either for a couple of hours, or much longer. This increase in prostitution points not only to economic hardship, but also a deeper sort of breakdown for many. As has already happened, Jesus Christ has sent his servants to some of these wounded women, and they have experienced new life.

Pray for

  • More Christians to share the Gospel with young vulnerable women
  • The ‘Sighe’ system to be outlawed
  • For men whipped by lust followed by guilt to find Christ