Oscar nominated film ‘A Separation’, shows impact of cinema

Friday, February 17th, 2012

It would be hard to find an Iranian who has not seen Asghar Farhadi’s brilliant film, ‘The Separation of Nader from Simin’ (Released in the West as ‘A Separation’). The winner of numerous prizes in Iran and beyond, the film is now tipped as the favourite to win the award for best foreign film at the Oscars.

Iranians are talking about the film, not just because of the superb directing and acting - so good that you feel you are in the room as the sad domestic drama unfolds - but because the script asks a sharp question: who is to blame for this separation which leaves a young girl divided between her mother and father? It’s a moral question, and that’s the power of much of Iranian cinema.

As such it is a tremendous bridge for Christians to use to share Biblical truth. Already some agencies are using movies as a platform to share the Gospel. For example Elam’s ‘Avaye Cinema’ (The Sound of Cinema) is a monthly review programme that gives a Christian view to the questions raised by the latest films. It is broadcast every day throughout the Iran Region and is reaching millions. Viewer response is very positive about the quality of the programme. Mehdi wrote that when it comes on he can’t move from in front of the TV. And more importantly there is spiritual impact. Mandana wrote in asking how she can recognize God’s voice and understand His will for her life.

Pray for:

• Christians to turn conversations about film, to Christ
• Anointing on programmes like ‘Avaye Cinema’
• Workers in Iranian film industry to be reached with the Gospel