Parliament, disturbing chanting for an important institution

Tuesday, March 01st, 2011

While Iran’s parliament (Majles) is thoroughly vetted and is by no means supreme, nevertheless it has an important role, especially in domestic policy. Parliament must approve the budget presented by the President. This happened last Sunday. And she can demand a minister’s removal. This happened to the Transport Minister Hamid Behbahani earlier this month. Now they have asked Majid Namjou to report to them.

Parliament is usually a dignified place. However, last week the business like atmosphere of the large chamber was disturbed by nearly all the members gathering at the front, and chanting with uplifted fists for the death of opposition leaders. It was a disturbing scene.

Pray for

  • MP’s to serve all Iranians with wisdom
  • Restraint in dealing with opponents
  • Salvation of MP’s and their families