Passport, instrument of intimidation

Friday, March 01st, 2013

The co-director and star of the well received film, ‘Closed Curtain’ have had their passports confiscated so they cannot travel abroad to promote the film. To live in a country where your passport can suddenly be confiscated is a constant source of stress for thousands of ordinary Iranians. Yes, there are all the practical problems such restrictions throw up, but also there is that sense of vulnerability, and worse the feeling of being criminalised.

Sadly for Christians this is a familiar experience. Many have either had to wait for months for their passport to be renewed, or had it confiscated, or felt so threatened in the process they have believed it wiser to give all contact with official authority a wide berth.

Pray for
• Passports unfairly confiscated to be returned to Iranians
• For Christians to have wisdom when dealing with the passport authorities
• Restraint in official circles over using the passport as an instrument of intimidation