Pastor Farshid shares Jesus with 245,000+

Thursday, May 28th, 2020

In the past month more than 245,000 Persian-speakers have heard Pastor Farshid Fathi - who spent five years in prison in Iran for his Christian faith - sharing via Instagram about the forgiveness of Christ.

Ahmad is a celebrity Iranian kickboxer who, after leaving Iran for a neighbouring country, became friends with Farshid. On his popular Instagram account (with 500k+ followers), Ahmad has shared seven minutes of conversation with Farshid, in which the pastor answers the question: how have you forgiven your persecutors?

Farshid's reflections on the cross of Christ and the forgiveness it won has softened the hearts of many. Some have reached out to Farshid privately and he has had the joy of personally leading six people to Christ online. These new believers have been given a 'hamsafar' to disciple them in the early days of their faith. Farshid remains in conversation with countless others who are interested to know more about Jesus, and some have asked to receive a Bible.

 Please pray for these six new believers and those still seeking. Pray also for the thousands who have watched the seven-minute conversation, that they would investigate Jesus further.