Petrol at the pumps, still problematic

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Petrol is a stressful subject for many Iranians. Pampered for many years with subsidized petrol, in 2007 the government upset drivers by putting the price up from about eight US cents a litre, to ten. Then the rationing came – 3.5. litres per day for private cars – and they became furious. Indeed there were riots in Tehran. The anger not only reflects the fragile state of many family incomes, knocked off budget by this seemingly small rise, but also a deeper frustration. Their country has some of the richest gas and oil deposits in the world, and yet Iranians have to queue at the pump for petrol which might well have been imported from China or Venezuela. The reason is very practical, Iran does not have enough refineries, but that does not take away the painful contradiction of oil rich Iranians facing petrol rationing. Getting around is vital for all church work, so the subject is important for Christians.

Pray for

  • Wisdom for policy makers to maintain supply of petrol
  • Successful building of more refineries
  • Christians who have to travel many miles by road to have their petrol needs met