Praise God: amendments stalled. Keep praying.

Friday, July 31st, 2020

Recently, prayer was requested after Iran's parliament proposed worrying amendments to the penal code – amendments which would make convicting Christian converts and other unrecognized religious groups easier. In an answer to prayer, the Guardian Council (which vets all legislation) has sent the draft amendments back to the parliament for clarifications.
As a result, there will be a delay in enforcing the proposed changes to articles 499 and 500 of the penal code. The eight clarifications requested by the Guardian Council primarily concern the ambiguity of the language. This is positive because the more ambiguous the language, the more the legislation would have been open to wide application and abuse by judges.
However, it is likely that the bill will return in the coming months and the purpose will remain the same: to increase control over groups the regime wrongly perceives to be working against the security of the state - such as Christian converts.
 Therefore, we should continue to pray that this legislation will not be passed. Please join us also in praying for those who are working to promote human rights in Iran and those seeking to hold Iran to account for its violations.