A prayer need: Sam, Maryam and 2-year-old Lydia

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

In July, an Iranian court ruled that Sam Khosravi and Maryam Falahi were unfit to continue caring for their adopted daughter, Lydia, because they are Christian converts. In September, an appeal court upheld this decision.

Now, 120 lawyers and activists from across Iran have written an open letter to the head of judiciary, Ebrahim Raisi, asking him to overturn the decision. The letter - which was published by two Iranian news agencies - points to Iran's constitution, which makes no reference to a person's religion when considering who is eligible to adopt a child.

Lydia, who turned two years old recently, has been with her adoptive parents since she was three months old. She has various chronic health problems, which led a judge to conclude in the initial ruling that there was “zero chance” another adoptive family would be found for Lydia.

 Please pray:

  • For encouragement for the family;
  • For favour from the head of the judiciary in response to the open letter, and for the court decision to be overturned.

Source: Article 18. Image: Article 18.