Praying for the sick; even on a public bus

Friday, August 01st, 2014

Fara, a house church Christian, was on a bus travelling between two cities in the north of Iran. Another passenger, Maryam, began to feel unwell, and then suddenly dropped from her seat. She had fainted.

There was a commotion. The driver stopped, and in the rush of panicking voices the decision was made to send for a doctor.

This was Fara’s moment. She got up from her seat and made her way to where the sick woman was lying on the floor of the bus.

She then said:

‘There is no need to send for a doctor. I will pray for this woman in the name of Jesus Christ.’

All the passengers fell silent.

Fara took Maryam’s hand, bowed her head, and prayed with gentle authority.

‘Father, heal this dear lady, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.’

There was a long pause after Fara’s ‘Amen’. Then a stir. Maryam moved, colour began to return to her pale face. She sat up. All the passengers were stunned.

Again, Fara seized the opportunity. She spoke about Jesus – how He healed, and how He saves.

After she had finished preaching, the most common question she was asked was: where can we get a New Testament from?

It is true the church in Iran is growing because Iranians are very open to the Gospel. But this story underlines another reason. Iran’s house church Christians are full of courage and faith and are ready to seize an opportunity for Christ to be glorified.

Pray for:

  • Fara to continue in her fearless witness
  • Maryam and all those impacted by this healing
  • Provision of New Testaments